I live and work almost exclusively in the folk/world music universe. I specialize in album design, promo photos (and I can tell you how to stand with your instrument so you won't look awkward), festival and tour posters, and merch. Let's make it happen.
Based in New York City, Anna holds an MPS in Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts as well as an MS in Multimedia Journalism from the Columbia University School of Journalism. Her work as been featured in "Natural Selection" at the Calumet Gallery in New York City, "Connecting Ends," at the SVA gallery in New York, and at the New York Center for Photographic Art​​​​​​.
In my personal work, I'm interested in themes of loneliness and isolation in modern life, the constantly changing urban and suburban landscape, and the patterns created by the seemingly arbitrary placement of people and structures in space.
Email: annacolliton@gmail.com
Cell: (917) 428-6567

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